When you use water at home, it may be safe for drinking, but have high lead content or other factors that might endanger an infant or a family member with compromised immunity. One way to resolve that potential issue is by installing a home water filtration system. This can prevent you from ingesting harmful substances and lower costs.


Some of the benefits of a water filtration system include:


  • Removes Pathogens

There can be germs present in unfiltered water that cause illnesses like diarrhea. Very fine filters (e.g. micro- or nano-filters) can remove even microscopic organisms from your water, making your water supply safer.


  • Filters Chlorine

Some cities use chlorine to disinfect their water. However, chlorine is dangerous to drink and can cause some kinds of cancer. Chlorine can also react with metals to form dangerous compounds, creating health risks. Plumbing services can install an activated carbon filter in your home to remove chlorine before you drink or bathe in water.


Why You Need a Water Filtration System


  • Reduces Heavy Metals 

Your water may be host to some metals like iron or manganese. These metals are not harmful, but they can make water taste metallic, or discolour clothes and porcelain. Heavy metals can also build up in pipes and cause them to clog, leading to plumbing problems later.


  • Removes Pesticides

Pesticides from farms can seep into water sources, contaminating the water supply. Drinking this contaminated water can cause poisoning or contribute to health issues like cancer.


Why You Need a Water Filtration System


  • Filters Lead

Like chlorine, lead is a toxic substance that can occasionally be found dissolved in water. Ingesting lead can lead to extreme health issues such as cancer, so it is important to have a carbon or reverse osmosis filter to remove lead from your water.


  • Saves Money

Installing a water filter can provide an easy source of potable water. Rather than buying bottled water on a regular basis, you can drink tap water. By immediately reducing the threat of substances and germs in your home or office water, you save on water delivery and reduce the waste of individual plastic bottles.


  • Good for the Environment

Saving yourself the trouble of buying bottled water also means you don’t have to worry about disposal of the bottles. Even if bottles can be recycled, they still put a strain on the environment. Using a water filtration system increases convenience and decreases your carbon footprint.


Why You Need a Water Filtration System


The best place to install a water filtration system is where water enters your home or business. Unlike other kinds of filters, this is not a DIY job. To hire a plumber to install a filtration system in Ontario, contact Plumbing Authority Inc. at (647) 992-7473.