When drains clog, back up, leak, or experience other issues, water damage can be costly. Should you require drain service or repairs for King City residential or commercial properties, Plumbing Authority Inc. is ready to help.

Damaged or blocked drains are not something to ignore. Not only can a backup or burst pipe harm your home, damage its foundation, and soak your carpets, furniture, and belongings, it can also be a health risk. Only certified technicians can locate the source of the problem and prevent a flood.

When drains don’t evacuate properly, it’s high time to call the experts for assistance. Plumbing Authority is a reliable plumbing company that has been in the business for over 20 years; we know where to look when you experience an issue with a main drain, toilet, tub, or sink. Do it yourself or “DIY” solutions can create larger problems. When you have a plumbing question, don’t turn to the Internet for assistance, call us. We offer a wide range of drain and plumbing services to resolve any issues you may encounter.

Ring us when you experience these common drain problems:

  • Recurring Clogs - Stubborn clogs underneath shower and bathtub drains are caused by hair stands that get washed down to them. In an event of recurring clogs after several attempts at clearing them yourself, hire us and we’ll remove deep-seated clogs in the pipe to eliminate the problem for good.
  • Slow Drains -A slow-moving or clogged drain should not be ignored. The problem may appear small at first glance, but when left unaddressed, it can turn into a serious concern. The expertise of a drain and plumbing professional can help you pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and treat it using the proper solution.
  • Multiple Clogged drains - Clogs in the tub, toilet, and sink can mean that a portion somewhere in your main drainage system has been blocked. In this case, plungers and drain cleaners won’t solve the problem. Call a drain repair and plumbing company in King City for professional services.
Sometimes a drain problem can be addressed by drain snaking. Sometimes it needs flushing or pressure-jetting. Call the experts with the right equipment so your pipes aren’t damaged in an effort to remove a clog. Rely on licensed professionals when it comes to your plumbing system, and avoid costly mistakes – our friendly team is ready to come to your aid.

Our drain service and repair helps King City clients get quick solutions for plumbing woes. In the unfortunate event that you do experience an overflow or major plumbing concern, our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll respond to you immediately and give advice to stem the damage until we arrive on the scene.

If you have grimy grease or gunk in your drain, contact us. We can also replace dated fixtures and drains with new equipment that is designed to tolerate everyday wear and tear. Keep your drains clean by calling us for maintenance and prevent expensive issues down the road. We’ll promptly identify your drain needs and get your system running smoothly.

When you need drain service or repairs in King City, reach out to Plumbing Authority Inc. Our expert team is on call: (647) 992-PIPE (7473)