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Drain Repair: Call a Plumber in Bolton for Drain Services
A clogged kitchen sink or a backed up toilet can be huge time-wasters for homeowners or renters attempting to fix drain issues themselves. Call a professional plumber in Bolton for drain repair and services. The experts at Plumbing Authority Inc. are ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Sometimes home remedies or solutions you find online worsen your plumbing problems. They can also be bad for the environment.

You may think your pipes are in working order, but a strange smell is coming from your bathroom, kitchen sink, or laundry room. That “rotten egg” or sulphurous smell could indicate city sewage fumes are seeping into your home or building. This is not a time to try to solve the problem on your own; some gases may be toxic.
Reach out for Bolton drain services from Plumbing Authority Inc. We’ll find any blockage using our CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras. There’s no need for extensive excavation or digging up your property while searching for the location of the issue.

When we find the blockage, we’ll apply state-of-the-art equipment to remove it. Our trained and qualified technicians provide these Bolton drain services:
  • Electric snaking (for sinks, toilets, grease-traps, showers, bath tubs, showers, and any drains)
  • High pressure jetting of drains or sewers
  • Sump pit or catch basin vacuum pumping
Give us a call for drain repair from Bolton plumbers who are available 24/7; we answer our calls day and night. Plumbing Authority Inc. won’t leave behind a mess, and stand behind our work. We also provide promotional discounts on your work; feel free to call us with any questions. We’re ready to help! (647) 992-PIPE (7473).