Do-it-yourself projects can be a cost-effective way to handle small plumbing issues. However, most issues with pipe and sewage need a licensed, qualified expert to identify the problem and prevent further damage to both the system and property. For a professional plumber in Orangeville, Ontario, contact Plumbing Authority Inc.

Having a clean and proper plumbing system is not only necessary for running water; it’s critical to keep that water safe for drinking and bathing. Rather than saving money with inferior work from an unlicensed “handyman,” or trying to handle it yourself, contract a proven, reliable team of specialists.

Why Hire a Certified Plumber in Orangeville?

In Ontario, a professional plumber has to meet strict requirements before receiving a license to do work. We must be trained, pass tests, and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and techniques in the plumbing industry. An experienced plumber is able to detect the source of a problem and advise the best course of action. Avoid spending on unnecessary materials and repairs by reaching out to a qualified technician from the get-go.

Plumbing Authority Inc. employs professional plumbers for Orangeville work. We are qualified to handle both minor and major plumbing repairs (from leaky pipes to sewer repairs, digging, and replacement). We also have a team of emergency plumbers in Orangeville to help you fix a blocked and clogged drain. At times like these, you must act right away to prevent damage to property and protect your health. We’ll get your crisis under control fast. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we possess vital knowledge and talent to provide clients with exceptional service.

Call our emergency plumbers in Orangeville when you encounter the following issues:

  • Pipe Leaks - This is one of the most common plumbing issues homeowners face. They can happen anytime of the year, not only during winter. Pipes start to leak in the joint areas, then cause wet spots on the ceiling or on the ground. Before leaky pipes result in water damage, have them fixed immediately.
  • Running Toilets - A single running toilet can waste a total of 200 gallons every day. Plumbing Authority’s wide scope of emergency plumbing services include fixing running toilets. Call us anytime and we’ll get to your location right away.
  • Dripping Faucets - This problem doesn’t only waste hundreds of gallons of water a day, it punches holes in your pockets as well. Our Orangeville emergency plumbers can fix your dripping faucet/s so you can conserve water and put hundreds of dollars pack into your pocket.
Our team of expert plumbers uses state-of-the-art CCTV (closed circuit television) cameras to determine the exact location of clogs and blockages. This technique prevents the need for digging up an entire yard. Instead, we pinpoint the location of the problem. When digging is necessary, the superior excavation process implemented by Plumbing Authority Inc. avoids damaging utilities and gas lines. Our team provides peace of mind (and lack of disruption) to homeowners (and nearby neighbours) while we do our job.

We understand that plumbing mishaps can happen day or night. When you have a plumbing emergency, call us 24/7 at (647) 992-PIPE (7473) . For non-emergency plumbing services, repair, or maintenance, send an email to arrange an appointment and a free onsite estimate.