It is crucial to lend immediate attention to faulty and clogged drains. Plumbing Authority Inc. understands how it can be difficult for home or business owners to handle issues in the drain system on their own. Problems like this can bring your everyday routine to a standstill. When you encounter drain issues, call your trustworthy, qualified Newmarket plumbers to fix your drain dilemmas.

Our entire team is skilled in determining the root causes of drain problems and offering our clients expert drain services in Newmarket and the surrounding areas. Our licensed technicians will remove blockages and bring drains back to life. You don’t have to worry if you’re not familiar with your drain system; we have professionals to do the job for you.

Contact us if you notice or encounter any of these issues:
  • Foul Smell – A foul smell coming out from your drains is a telltale sign that a crack is present in some parts of your sewer system. A clean and problem-free sewer should be airtight in all areas. A foul odour can also be a symptom that your drain is clogged or in the process of deteriorating. A trusted plumbing company in Newmarket that offers drain repair service can solve this problem
  • Sewage Backup – This common sewage problem is usually caused by a clog somewhere around the pipes. Floods are also known to cause the sewage from sewer lines to back up and flow through drain pipes. Natural elements like trees and shrubs that grow their way into sewer lines to seek moisture can also cause blockages that lead to backups. When left unaddressed, backups may cause costly damage to your property as well as health hazards. Our plumbers will check fixtures and drain lines to see what is clogging it, and remove the cause.
  • Drain Backup – A drain backup is a serious problem that needs to be checked as soon as possible. We see three common causes of backups in bathroom sinks. These include clogging, sump pump failure, and poor maintenance. Bathroom wastes like hair, soap, grease, and other debris build up under the strainer. These wastes can harden over time and when they do, they can cause a solid blockage, resulting in backup. Excessive buildup of bathroom wastes can induce too much pressure in the sewer lines which may lead to pipe bursting. Call us and our plumbers will inspect the pipes with our CCTV cameras and fix the issue before things go south.
Contact Plumbing Authority Inc. whenever you encounter issues with your drain system. Our professional plumbers in Newmarket offer drain and plumbing services to make sure you have a fully functional system. Call us at (647) 992-PIPE (7473) ) if you need our help.