If your toilets are not flushing properly, sinks drain slowly, or you notice an unpleasant smell while in the backyard or garden, your septic tank may be the culprit. Nip septic tank problems in the bud with a little knowledge. Here are the most common septic tank issues:

*Build-up of solids 

In a septic tank, “effluent” (liquid waste or sewage) and water particles rise to the top; solids sink. Eventually, solid particles may build up until the inlet pipe from the house is blocked. Before it reaches this stage, the septic tank needs to be emptied. One hint the septic tank needs emptying is when your plumbing drains very slowly. Contact a professional plumber to pump your septic tank until it is empty.


Winter Care Tips for Septic Tanks

*Damaged drain lines The water level of the septic tank may appear normal, but your pipes are not draining like they should. In this case, the cause is most likely a collapsed or broken pipe. The pipe should be replaced by a specialist who can locate the issue and fix it.

*Tree roots When tree roots break into the tank, they do serious damage. Roots can block the inlet pipes, penetrating the main tank. Simply cutting roots will not solve the problem; they just grow back. An expert tree service and/or licensed plumber will use the appropriate approach to safely and effectively remove the roots. Professionals know the specific, environmentally-friendly chemicals to use to get the job done.


*Strong odours  Odours emanating from drains or the area around the septic tank can indicate a number of problems, including solid waste buildup or a manhole’s leaking lid. If the lid is indeed leaking, weather stripping can be used to temporarily seal it and contain the smell. Once the tank is serviced, the permanent seal will be installed.

It’s best to get regular maintenance for your septic tank and avoid costly issues or repairs. Call a licensed professional to inspect your tank if you suspect a problem.

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