Benefits of Hydronic Heating

When it comes to heating your home, there are ways to make it more efficient and save money. One is switching to hydronic heating. Hydronic heating has several advantages over forced air and baseboard heating. Some of the benefits include:


  • Easier Zoning 

With a hydronic heater, you can adjust the heat in different areas of the house. This allows individuals in a home to set a comfortable temperature room by room. This also lets you only heat specific areas of the house that are being used, saving power and money in the long run.


  • In-floor Heating

This system heats rooms through radiators installed in the floors and walls. Walking anywhere is instantly more comfortable, especially in the mornings when the floors can be cold. Waking up on winter morning can be enjoyable when the floor helps warm you before putting on slippers or socks!


Benefits of Hydronic Heating


  • Better Efficiency

In a forced air system, heat is lost because the air often comes from the ceiling down. Hydronic heating heats from the floor up, which lets those inside a home feel more of the heat. Air (which loses heat almost immediately) makes for a less efficient medium than water, which is used in a hydronic system.


  • Healthier Option 

Forced air uses a blowing process to circulate warmth. However, this disturbs dust that then can be scattered and aggravate allergies. Hydronic heating uses radiators to pump hot water, meaning no fans are used.


Benefits of Hydronic Heating


  • Balanced Humidity 

Low temperatures can suck moisture out of the air, and a forced air heater further dries the air when heating it. Since hydronic heating does not affect the air, your environment stays at a comfortable level of humidity and surroundings remain comfortable.


  • Quieter Operations

The fans used in forced air heating can make noise that affect your ability to work or rest. Since a loud furnace starts whenever the air gets cold, this can happen on a regular basis. Hydronic heating does not make any noise. Heating water and sending it through the radiators is a silent process, which you will notice only by an increase in temperature.


Benefits of Hydronic Heating


Hydronic heating can save a significant amount of money over time. It gives you a more direct, efficient heat than a forced air system. For hydronic heating installation, contact Plumbing Authority Inc. at (647) 992-7473.