Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement for Winter

Wet and musty basements are a common source of dread and worry for homeowners in Canada. The usual causes of this problem include runoff water, condensation, the swelling of groundwater, and the thawing of snow in winter. There are a number of solutions to prevent a leaky basement and counter its effects. Solutions include the installation of a perimeter drain system, using a dehumidifier, and installing a waterproofing system. Every basement requires a unique solution which should be based on the cause of the problem.

When you start to notice dampness and a musty smell coming from your basement, call Plumbing Authority. We provide basement waterproofing services in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area. We also repair waterproofing systems to help you combat initial signs of leaks before a much serious damage affects your property.

Repairing cracks surrounding a leaky basement may seem like a spring project. However, investing in a solid basement waterproofing system has many benefits, especially during the cold winter months. Despite frigid temperatures, professional plumbers with basement waterproofing experience in Vaughan can get the job done in a cost-effective manner.

Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement for Winter

Here are some benefits to waterproofing your basement in winter:

1. Damage Prevention

Cold weather can bring a multitude of problems when we don’t take precautions. Some of these include unwanted moisture, wall leaks, and the formation of foundation cracks (which can lead to spring flooding).

In Canadian winters (where there is a freeze and thaw cycle), foundation cracks are a real issue. When your drainage is clogged, water finds another pathway — usually at a home’s foundation. To prevent leaks and damage, crack repairs are essential.

Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement for Winter

2. Peace of Mind

Internal waterproofing can be done when it’s cold outside. Then, when the ground thaws, work can begin on the exterior. Basic maintenance includes filling non-structural cracks, mounting or replacing pump systems, and compressing crawl spaces. These seemingly “small” efforts might prevent a winter flood in your basement..

Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement for Winter

3. Faster Service

Since most people opt to have waterproofing services in the warmer months, the likelihood of getting an appointment quickly is increased.

When the holidays have passed, take initiative to keep your basement moisture and leak-free. Ignoring water infiltration can lead to costly water damage. It also exposes your family to mould issues which may affect your health and quality of life. 

Contact a professional company like Plumbing Authority to provide superior basement waterproofing services in Vaughan and other Toronto areas including Bolton, Caledon and Newmarket. Enjoy a dry and sturdy basement and foundation! Call (647) 992-7473 and get a free onsite estimate.