Even though water leaks are easy to repair, families, lose about 10,000 gallons of water each year due to leaks.

However, bad plumbing can harm your property and your finances in addition to wasting a significant amount of water. But should you call a 24-hour repair man if a plumbing issue occurs after business hours? How do you tell if you have a serious issue or if it can wait until the next day? Simply put, if you see any of the following signs and symptoms, you should contact an emergency plumber right away because you cannot fix these issues on your own.

  1. Water Leaks

Water leaks cause greater problems over time

While not necessarily an emergency, water leaks should be reported as soon as you see indicators of collecting water and unexpected leakage. Water leaks frequently go unnoticed until they’ve done significant structural damage.

Mould and mildew are encouraged to grow by the extra moisture, which can be harmful to your health. Respiratory problems, asthma, and even life-threatening allergic reactions can be brought on by exposure to mould that thrives in moist environments.

In addition to causing structural damage and health problems, water leaks can be a severe fire risk if moisture makes contact with electrical wiring and shorts the circuitry. This plumbing issue can also impact you financially in terms of water usage and repairs. Make sure to have it fixed as soon as possible.

  1. Slow or Clogged Drainage

A slow drainage could be a sign of deeper plumbing issues

Shower drains frequently collect hair and soap scum, which can block drains over time if left unchecked. This causes stagnation or delayed drainage. Heavy usage, such as when several individuals use the shower or bathroom at once, makes this issue considerably worse.

However, if every drain in your house is backed up, one or more sewage lines are probably clogged. To prevent more expensive repairs, this blocked sewage should always be handled as an emergency by a qualified emergency plumber.

  1. Constantly Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets may be a typical occurrence, but if it occurs frequently and without notice, something may be wrong with your overall plumbing. When additional plumbing fixtures begin to back up, this can quickly turn into a catastrophe. It’s possible that you have a clogged sewage line or a clogged septic system.

Any homeowner can attest to how difficult it can be to cope with plumbing problems. An emergency plumber may be needed if your home’s water pressure has dropped or if you notice a bad smell emanating from the bathroom or kitchen drain. In order to address everything at once, our team of specialists will evaluate your plumbing issue and determine what has to be fixed.

There is always a problem, whether it be exorbitant water bills that mysteriously appeared on your monthly account or unpredictably clogged toilets. If you notice any of these indicators, we advise getting in touch with us right away because waiting until things deteriorate only results in more costly repairs.

  1. Smelling Gas

Call an emergency plumber once you notice signs of a gas leak

Do not ignore the smell of gas if you detect it anywhere in your home. Immediately call both a plumber and the gas company so they can deal with it right away. To prevent any health hazards from the gas leaks from pipes, turn off all the switches and appliances in the house in the interim. Avoid using anything flammable. Even a spark from a lightbulb might cause a gas explosion. 

  1. Dirty Water

Your health may be affected by the type and quality of water in your home. If your water source has been contaminated, you may be more prone to infections and bacteria. Your home may also end up turning into a breeding ground for pathogens.

Brown water is typically a sign that your water contains iron or that your heater isn’t working properly. Your pipes may be filled with copper if you notice blue or green water flowing out of your faucets. Call a plumber to fix this issue as soon as possible.

  1. Signs of Flooding

There are terrifying tales that involve homeowners descending the stairs to their basements only to discover that the area has been flooded. There are cases that are more severe than others. However, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. If you ever discover water on your floors; take it as a warning and call an urgent plumber right away.

The water can harm your home’s foundation, as well as the flooring, furniture, appliances, and electrical system. An emergency plumber can identify the issue and propose a rapid fix in no time.

When you notice watermarks on your flooring, call emergency plumbing services and ask them a few things. Before they come out to look at it personally, they can at least show you how to identify the issue.

  1. Burst, Leaking, or Damaged Pipes

Your home may flood if broken or busted pipes are not treated. Flooding damages the foundation, walls, and ceiling of your home, which puts everyone at risk for injury. Your personal belongings and furniture can be destroyed by flooding. The sooner you call a 24-hour plumber if you have broken or damaged pipes, the better. You cannot repair a burst pipe by yourself, and if you wait, it will only become worse.

When you have a water main break, switch off the power supply, call a plumber, and focus on moving your items out of the way. Although there are many other factors that might lead to burst pipes, the freezing weather is a common culprit.

For emergencies, get in touch with a trusted plumber near you. Call Plumbing Authority for plumbing services in King City. Dial  647-992-PIPE (7473) today.