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Winter Care for Drains


Wintertime can bring plumbing problems like frozen pipes, flooding, and damaged drains. Here are some preventative measures to take during frigid temperatures.

Winter Care for Drains


  • Before and after using the kitchen sink, pour some warm water down the drain to prevent buildup that may be stuck to pipes.
  • Dispose (cooled) fat and oil in an old can and throw it in the garbage. Never pour these substances down the drain. Cold temperatures will make a greasy clog set even faster.
  • Keep outdoor drains and eavestroughs free of debris twigs and leaves by cleaning them before sub-zero temperatures hit.

Winter Care for Drains

Check for Damage

  • Look for any corrosion on the stop valve.
  • Insulate pipes insulated to prevent them from freezing, cracking, and/or bursting.
  • Check your bath and shower drains and remove blockage. Use a drain filter to trap hair and soap before it goes into the pipes.

Call a Professional

Winter Care for Drains

While some DIY tips might solve small problems, only an expert plumber is equipped and experienced to locate the root cause of a problem. They can also give advice to prevent future plumbing issues.

Plumbing Authority in Ontario understands the impact cold weather can have on plumbing. We provide drainage service and plumbing solutions to prevent potential problems before you’re faced with flooding and property damage. Please call us at (647) 992-7473 to get a free on-site estimate. Happy Holidays!

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