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Tips for Buying a New Faucet

Tips for Buying a New Faucet2

Shopping for a new faucet may seem like an easy, ordinary task. Yet, there are factors to consider before purchasing one for a sink. Whether you are renovating or replacing a broken faucet, look out for these “little details” when buying:

Tips for Buying a New Faucet


Before randomly picking a faucet; carefully consider the style and the design of the faucet you want. This is an opportunity to give your kitchen or bathroom a new, attractive feature, possibly with new functions. There are many faucet styles and designs. Do some advance research.


Measure the size of the opening(s) in your sink before buying a faucet. The width and number of holes can be limiting factors. Make sure that the new faucet fits properly, and choose a style that accommodates the number of openings available in the sink.


This is likely one of the most important considerations when buying a new faucet. Durability is key. Most faucets are made from brass and have several finish options. Faucet manufactures use no more than 8% brass in their materials to minimize health risks.


Confirm that your new faucet is compatible with the water supply lines to your sink. Take note of the water line size and the shutoff valves before buying.

Tips for Buying a New Faucet

Buying and installing a new faucet may be difficult for some of us to do on our own. This quick fix can be easily handled by the Plumbing Authority Inc. Should decide to “DIY” and encounter problems, call 647-992-PIPE(7473).

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