Sewer Repair & Replacement

Any plumbing work associated with sewers is an effort most property owners wish to avoid. The thought of replacing a sewage system is enough to give most of us a headache. The following are some tips to track the need for any necessary sewage related work.


3 Easy Ways To Unclog Your Toilet


One early sign of a faulty sewer system is clogged drains and/or toilets. In this case, water drains slowly. Look for any backflow: In severe situations, when the toilet is flushed, it will fill and spill onto the floor. Also, drains in the sink and shower might develop a stagnant smell. Most of the time this will occur at one location, indicating a clogged drain pipe (which might be resolved with a plunger). However, if all drains and toilets are experiencing drainage issues, then you likely have a sewage problem.

Other Causes

Signs You Need Sewer Replacement

There can also be external causes for sewage and drainage issues. One of the most common is tree root problems. Any tree near a house it is capable of damaging pipes and drains with its roots. If left unchecked, root growth can eventually cause severe damage. Then the only remedy is to replace pipes and sometimes the entire sewage system. There are ways to resolve roots encroaching on your pipes, but these remedies must be applied quickly, before the roots become too big and pierce or puncture your system.

Finally, look for any patches of wet surface on the ground near the sewage system’s location. If dampness is present, there is a good chance of a broken pipe, septic tank leakage, etc.

If you suspect sewage problems, it’s time to call Plumbing Authority to the rescue. Call us (647) 992-7473; we’ll handle your plumbing issues in Ontario using cameras and modern equipment to minimize digging and disruption.