Sewer Camera Inspection Benefits and Limitations

Clogged pipes and blocked sewer lines are an inevitable problem for any homeowner. As oil and fat emulsify, leftovers fossilize, and wet wipes accumulate over time, the chances of having jammed-up pipelines become higher than ever.

However, you can lessen the possibility of costly repairs in the future by conducting a prevention plumbing inspection now. Unlike traditional methods of pipeline inspection, where actual workers and maintenance crew are needed to dig out the concrete slabs and manually examine them, technology has now made the process more efficient.

This method of drain repair is not yet a standard in the industry. As a homeowner, you should learn the benefits and limitations of this drain service before you consider trying it.

Benefits of Camera Inspection

Sewer inspection and septic repair via camera may seem like a strange idea. You may wonder how a camera could fit into their pipes. Fortunately, microtechnology has advanced over the years, making it possible for video transmission and recording devices to be small enough to fit through the narrow kitchen and washroom pipes. 

How is a camera better than a regular plumbing inspection? Here are its benefits:

  • Object Retrieval
Small items like earrings can easily fall down sinks.

Small items like earrings can easily fall down sinks.

When you accidentally flushed-down jewellery, coins, watches, and other important items down the drain, you may end up thinking they’re lost forever. Fortunately, a camera sewer inspection using high-definition video transmission will allow you to determine the exact location of these items.

Your plumber can then dig out the exact part of your sewer system where the item is lodged and retrieve it for you. You don’t have to worry about accidentally flushing your precious belongings down the drain again.

  • Prevent Damage

Digging through the thick slabs of concrete and dirt just to reach your pipes can create unnecessary hazards for your home space. The dust, methane, and landscaping risks may lead to mishaps and accidents. Human error may even damage some of the pipes and lead to toxic wastewater leakage and pose a biohazard threat to you, your family, and your neighbours. 

However, with video camera inspections, those disastrous scenarios can all be avoided. Non-invasive and easy to control, these devices can be used to go through your pipes and transmit a clear picture of what’s happening underneath. A professional plumber can examine the feed and identify the root problem without having to dig up your entire sewer system.

  • Convenient and Affordable

Camera sewer inspections require less manpower compared to an extensive pipeline inspection. Without the need for heavy devices and machinery, these cameras will be able to crawl through your pipes without labour-intensive excavation. This minimizes the cost of labour fees. 

  • Can Detect a Wide Range of Issues

High-definition cameras have great image and video resolutions. Current companies that conduct camera sewer inspections use such devices to ensure that every possible problem is detected in a single go.

As the camera goes down the pipes, it also carries with it a transmitter that can allow the plumber to determine which part of your line is experiencing a blockage, clog, or leakage.

This way, the company will not have to dig out the entire sewer system, but only the portion where an anomaly is located. These cameras also have debris sensors that allow them to identify obstacles and debris that may restrict your pipe’s flow. 

  • Identify Root Intrusion
Tree roots, if left unchecked, can damage the plumbing system

Tree roots, if left unchecked, can damage the plumbing system

One of the most common sewer system problems is tree root intrusions. As your lawn trees and plants start to grow upward, their roots will grow deeper into the soil. In the quest to find adequate nutrients and water sources, the roots may be drawn to the natural moisture of your pipes and sewer system. This can, later on, cause disastrous leaks and clogs. 

If you plan on having a tree on your lawn, make sure that it’s strategically planted to avoid any interference with your pipes. Fortunately, a camera inspection can also pinpoint any roots that may have infiltrated your sewer system, so there’s no need to worry. 

  • Regularly Assess the Plumbing Condition

The ease that comes with camera sewer inspection allows for more frequent check-ups. Non-invasive, affordable, convenient, and efficient, you can schedule with a professional company or plumber anytime to conduct this sewer system inspection process on your pipes.

From congealed oil, clogged grease, undissolved soap bars, accumulating food particles, and trash, these cameras can see it all. If you believe something is blocking your pipes and you want to determine the root cause, book an appointment with plumbing companies that conduct camera sewer inspections. You can schedule it monthly, bi-annually, or yearly, depending on the use of your pipes. 

  • Identify Pipe Connections and Types

Your pipes are connected via a conglomeration of both PVC and metal structures. Plumbers use sewer cameras to help them determine what replacement materials are needed or how to handle your pipes. These cameras can tell them the connection types of your sewer system, making the plumbing or septic repair process faster and easier to conduct. 

Limitations of Camera Inspection 

Despite the numerous benefits of using camera inspection on your sewer systems, this tool does have its limitations, including:

  • The plumbing system should be fully drained before the inspection

    You will have to drain your pipes before using the camera since most of these devices are not waterproof. Some companies now offer a waterproof option but it’s more costly than the former.

  • Cameras can detect damage inside the pipes only

    Rhis inspection process can only detect cracks inside the pipes, but not outside of them.

There’s no longer any need for unnecessary digging and costly manual labour for simple sewer inspections. Hire a plumbing company that offers camera inspection services for a more convenient pipeline check-up. Call Plumbing Authority Inc. We offer 24 hours emergency plumbing, sewer inspection, & drain services in Ontario. Call us now for free on-site estimates at (647) 992-7473.