Close up leak and ruin valve in dirty old bathroom

Leaky faucets are a pain that many homeowners often face, but they can become far worse than a mere nuisance. Faucets with leaks lead to water damage in a home’s structure, weakening the sheetrock, and corroding crucial support posts. A leaky faucet should have professional attention as soon as possible.

Dripping Faucet

Find the Leak

A leak can be out of view sometimes — hidden under the sink or too slow to notice — and should be located immediately. If you do not find the leak as soon as possible, you risk severe water damage within a household.


Sometimes you can fix a leak yourself. If you don’t feel confident, seek professional plumbing help. First, turn off the water to minimize damage. Then contact a plumber to ask for next steps and set up an appointment. The longer a leak remains, the more erosion may result.

Minimize Use of Water

Until you know the source of a leak, try to use as little water as possible (or keep the main valve off). Find other water sources, shower at the gym, fill a jug at a neighbour’s house. Keep use of a leaky faucet an absolute minimum to prevent water damage. It’s also very important to dry off and cover any areas have already been exposed to leaked water.

Don’t underestimate the damage a faucet leak can cause. Get repairs right away to avoid serious damage. Contact Plumbing Authority today at (647) 992-PIPE (7473).