Most old homes have galvanized pipes, soldered pipes, or a more modern material that is made to last and maintenance-free. These types of pipes are often connected to a hose bibb (the faucet on the outside of a house). Most people attach a hose to this spigot for garden watering or washing their car. A frost-proof hose bibb helps reduce the potential for leaks or cracked pipes. With a stem up to 12 inches long, the stem, washer, and seat valve reside in your home, keeping warm water running through the outdoor faucet and its immediate connections.

Reasons to Go Frost-Proof

Advantages to Investing in a Frost-Proof Hose Bibb

  1. Safety valves on frost-proof hose bibbs or sillcocks are located in the heated part of your house.
  2. Installing the spout lower than the water supply helps pipes drain, so they are less likely to freeze during winter.
  3. Prevent damage to your pipes by reducing the amount of warm water that runs through your hose bibb by turning the seat valve located in your house.
  4. Frost-proof hose bibbs prevent cracks and burst pipes.

Most homeowners don’t have to call a plumber more than once every three years. Often, a call is for a leaky outdoor faucet. Leaky faucets can lead to broken pipes and a basement full of water. Frost-proof hose bibbs prevent freezing during the winter months.

Prepping for New Septic Tank Installation

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