Size isn’t everything

Whether you live in a condo, apartment, or an older home, you more than likely have a small bathroom. Maximizing storage becomes a main priority for both renters and homeowners. With smaller bathrooms you often only have room for a vanity under the sink and a medicine cabinet behind the mirror. This setup is perfect for one person, but as soon as you add someone else to the equation tensions may arise – especially if one is a toothpaste squeezer, and the other is a toothpaste roller. Even if your faucets are running with satisfying water pressure, and you don’t have your plumber on auto dial, a small bathroom can still be a cause of stress.

Here are some great tips for maximizing storage space in your small bathroom:

1. Go high: Utilize the walls – all the walls. Older homes often have high ceilings that provide the opportunity to build storage above doorways, or space to install tall, narrow cabinets. A simple shelf above the door creates extra storage space for towels, plus a box for supplies. Using a wicker box warms up the space and keeps everything tidy.

Clever above-the-door storage

2. Use a second shower curtain rod and S hooks: This is an ingenious idea whose time has come. Attach a second tension shower rod in front of, and lower than your actual shower rod. Attach S hooks (you can easily find inexpensive ones at various hardware and dollar stores) and hang damp or extra towels, plus mesh bags to store extra toiletries. Brilliant!

Brilliant idea!

3. Shelves are your friends: Put shelves everywhere you can. Use the wall space to maximize storage. Even two or three narrow-width glass shelves beside or above the sink can be an excellent way to keep lotions, potions, and shaving supplies tidy and out of the way (and the glass makes them really easy to clean). Using cups or jars to hold things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup brushes, razors, Q-tips, and cotton balls can further help keep things neat and organized, and may also add to the visual appeal of a smaller bathroom.


If you want to get a little more creative, try this idea from Shop For Change:

This is an easy DIY project that simply involves a piece of wood, some steel cable ties, and mason jars. So easy, practical, and so economical. Use live-edge wood to give it an even trendier look.

You can get really ambitious with maximizing your space. By adding shelves everywhere and anywhere that they’ll fit makes sense in a compact space.

Be a bit shelf-ish

4. Don’t forget the bathtub area: Walls in the bath area are often neglected, but these can be an ideal place for more storage. During a renovation is the best time to carve out shelving in the wall joists. If you are handy, this could also be a weekend project. Be sure to contact a plumber before you start demolition to protect your pipes and fixtures.

Putting shelving into the walls inside the bath area provides you with valuable extra storage space. Having it tucked into the wall prevents the items from getting wet during showers, especially lively bath times with the kids. Using plastic baskets to hold everything makes it even easier to keep clean. Simply wash in hot, soapy water or toss them in the dishwasher when they get a little grimy.

Cleaning up in the shower

5. Tall, narrow cabinets: If the bathroom has extra floor space, a tall, narrow cabinet can provide much needed storage — and keep it out of sight! This particular attribute is especially important when there are multiple users of the same washroom. Tall cabinets provide the opportunity for each person to have their own shelf. Use baskets or jars to keep everything inside tidy and easy to clean. Installing a mirror on tall cabinets will open up the space (and is also great for “last looks” before you head out to work or a social event).

Tall cabinets hide your things

6. Clever, clever tools: Grooming tools (like hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons) often create a storage nightmare. With all their cords and awkward shapes, they are impossible to leave anywhere without struggling to keep the cords from getting tangled, or making the bathroom look untidy. If you have a cupboard under your sink, or a tall cabinet, install a vanity valet that can be simply hooked over a door. Cords wrap neatly on the outside, and everything is tucked out of sight (only to be seen when needed).


Another clever idea is a wall mounted towel storage rack. If your bathroom doesn’t have room for shelving, this is a terrific alternative.

Great alternative

7. Attain great heights with a ladder: A ladder adds a certain je ne sais quoi to any bathroom, and it’s incredibly useful. This is especially true if you’ve chosen to build up above your door. A ladder can be used to retrieve things you’ve placed on high shelves. When it’s not being used for its original purpose, it can be used as a towel rack. It won’t take up much room and it’ll look great – a win-win.

Multi-purpose ladder

8. Stack your stash: If your bathroom floor space is at a premium, chances are you don’t have room for a stand-up toilet roll holder. Save space by using a decorative basket instead. Place this on top of the toilet tank with extra rolls of toilet paper. Convenient and cute.

Stack your rolls

There are many ways to optimize space in your tiny bathroom. Using these ideas can help you maximize storage and make your bathroom more functional. Small things, like S hooks, or big things, like ripping out a wall in your bathtub to put in shelves, can all go a long way to making your space more comfortable. A bathroom, even a tiny one, should be an oasis of calm. Don’t let the clutter spoil that.

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