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How to Detect Leaks before the Plumber Arrives


Water leakage and seepage can be costly and messy if left unrepaired. It’s always a good plan to check your pipes from time to time. Stubborn drips are easy to detect, while others are veiled and muted inside a wall. You might have a leak if you have unexpected, high water bills, low pressure, strange odours, or bubbling wet spots in your yard. If you’re hesitant to call for professional plumbing help and need confirmation of a problem before doing so, try these tests:

Use a meter:

How Detect Leaks before the Plumber Arrives

  • Close all running taps in the house.
  • Ensure that no single outlet/tap is dripping.
  • Take a reading of your water meter and write it down.
  • Thirty minutes later, read the meter again.

If the meter reading changes in that short period of time, you likely have a leak inside the home.

Find the leak:

How Detect Leaks before the Plumber Arrives

  • Read your water meter; write down the number.
  • Turn off the main water valve to the entire house/unit.
  • Take another reading.
  • Thirty minutes later, take a final reading.

If the meter reading increased during that time, the leak is likely outside the house.

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When you think you have a problem, call Plumbing Authority. We can quickly find any leaks using the latest in technology and electronic detectors. We answer plumbing emergencies 24 hours a day; just dial 1-866-410-1234.

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