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Few things can spell disaster as badly as plumbing problems in a household or business establishment. Plumbing systems are in place to keep a building clean and sanitary. When issues arise, plumbers are called to resolve them. However, repairs can take hours and be costly.

To prevent such incidents from happening, it’s necessary to purposefully adopt habits that will keep your plumbing systems optimal.

Common Plumbing Problems in Canada

As more time is spent indoors, demand for plumbing upkeep has risen along with plumbing issues. Here are 5 of the most common plumbing issues in Canadian homes:

Leaking faucets can waste gallons of water

    • Leaks

Leaking pipes are a typical result of the natural wear and tear of plumbing systems. However,  water leaks could potentially damage your property. The costs for repair, clean up, and water consumption can also set you back financially.

Another type of leak involves wastewater caused by broken plumbing systems or overflowing tanks. At a municipal level, such incidents can be penalized if left unchecked.

    • Clogs

There are several types of clogs – drain clogs, toilet clogs, and chronic clogs. Clogs happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a bar of soap fell down the drain or pipes have accumulated used oil and unflushables like sanitary pads and toilet paper. Clogs are notorious for causing other common plumbing problems like leaks, water damage, and bursting pipes.

Resolving a clog in your plumbing system can range from easy solutions like using a plunger or pouring chemicals to dissolve build-up in pipes. When the problem is at its worst, you would need the help of professional plumbers.

Dirty toilets are not just smelly

    • Smells

Foul odours coming from old pipes, clogged drains, toilets, and septic tanks are a cause of embarrassment. Bad smells can indicate clogs, leaks, damaged pipes, and backflow. Using commercial cleaners to drown the smell may not be enough. This may serve only to mask the smell and not address the problem.

    • Weak Water Pressure

Weak water pressure is a common problem in elevated areas and if there are clogs in the pipes. A common remedy is replacing the tubes and removing the clogs. For areas where water needs more push to shoot up, replacing your water pump is the best solution.

Good Plumbing Habits and Practices

Because plumbing is integral to your comfort, you need to give it the tender loving care it needs:

Always keep a trash can in your bathroom

    • Do not dispose of your garbage in the toilet

According to CBC News, almost 75% of Canadians are flushing items down their toilets and into their septic tanks when they know that they can dispose of it somewhere else.

A few things Canadians have sent down the drain are:

    • Food
    • Hair
    • Cigarette butts
    • Dead pests
    • Toiletries

Beware those “flushable” wipes. They have clogged toilets and will continue to do so if you keep up the habit. If you or someone in your household is guilty of these plumbing crimes, have your septic tank checked, repaired, and drained to prevent future issues.

    • If the water is running in your toilet, fix it

A Global News article claims that each person in Canada wastes up to 329 litres of water  daily. Your tank has an adjustable float. If set too low, you will have a weak flush; if set too high, you may have to deal with an overflowing tube that often leads to the fill valve malfunctioning. It helps to regularly observe and check the fill valve to make sure it is at the right level. If you notice that it has gone too high, adjust accordingly or call a plumber who can offer running toilet solutions.

    • Keep the hair off the bathroom floor

If there is one part of the human body that baffles scientists in terms of strength, it would be the hair. It is said that its strength is comparable to steel. Aside from that, it is also elastic. These traits make hair the notorious reason for clogging in most bathroom pipes. To prevent that problem from haunting your home, keep your hair off the floor. Invest in hair catchers that keep hair strands from getting flushed down the drain.

Hair strands can cause clogs in the long run

    • Minimize the use of chemicals when you encounter clogs

Chemical cleaners are an easy route when removing clogs, but they are not the most dependable option. While they can provide you with quick results, they contain caustic ingredients that can damage pipes and the septic system in the long run. If used as a do-it-yourself solution, it can also potentially harm you since some of these can burn your skin or irritate your nose and throat.

    • Prepare for winter

One of the most dreaded things that can happen during the winter season is the bursting of water pipes. The drop in temperature below freezing point causes exposed pipes to burst, resulting in extensive water damage. This can be avoided with adequate preparations. Simple things like letting the faucets drip, insulating pipes, and pipe maintenance can save you the hassle and costly repairs.

    • Repair those leaks

While leaks may only be a few drips a minute, you could fill a bucket each day. If they accumulate, Leaks can cause water damage and increase your water bill. Avoid paying more for the utilities and keep your walls and fixtures safe by simply repairing the leaks as soon as you see them. This is a healthy habit to develop for both young and old members of the household. It is not just economical but is also good for the environment.

    • Plan household plumbing right

Planning saves you more time and money. Before building a structure, you need to take into consideration certain factors, including the layout, weather conditions, location, and even future activities. Likewise,  household plumbing warrants the same amount of consideration to save on the cost and avoid the hassle of reinstallation and constant repairs.

Plumbing maintenance should be done regularly

    • Call in plumbers for regular inspection and maintenance

The adage, “Prevention is better than cure,” may be old but it rings forever true — plumbing systems are no exception. Most of the plumbing problems you will encounter happen after months or years of abuse. Unfortunately, most people will neglect their plumbing system until it bursts, clogs, leaks, and would need significant repairs. Making it a habit to call plumbing professionals for regular checks and maintenance could save you from the major issues in the long run. You can schedule the maintenance before winter, allowing ample time for necessary repairs and other preparations to avoid cold-weather damage.

Every habit you have can affect your household and office. If you want to avoid getting haunted by plumbing problems in the future, observe the right practices now.

However, in cases when plumbing emergencies arise, you can always count on Plumbing Authority Inc. to help you. We are available for 24-hour emergency plumbing, 7 days a week. If you need a reliable and experienced plumber to help with your concerns, call (647) 992-7473 to schedule an appointment.