How to prevent Halloween plumbing problems

Halloween is the perfect time for ghoulish costumes, wicked treats, and ghastly frights. It’s not the time for plumbing disasters that tend to occur around this special holiday. From clogged drains to creaky pipes, it seems even the plumbing gets haunted. You can prevent one of these scary scenarios from happening in your home. Learn how to keep your pipes clear and disasters to a minimum this Halloween. And, if you run into a monster of a plumbing problem, don’t hesitate to call a Toronto plumbing service. Here are eight plumbing tips you need to know before Halloween.

1. Proper Face Paint Disposal

Remove face paint with a disposable wipe, not in the sink

If your little one is going as a lion, tiger, or a monster, they’ll likely need face paint. While face paint can transform your appearance, it can also make a mess of your pipes. At the end of the night when it’s time to take off the costume, beware of washing the face paint off in the sink. Most face paints contain thick oils and grease which will create a layer of buildup in your drain. Your everyday makeup can also have this effect, although most people don’t know it. Instead of rinsing the face paint off in the shower or sink, use makeup remover toilettes. After wiping your face with them, throw them into the garbage.

2. Keep Treats Out of the Drain

Halloween is the perfect time to teach your children what does and doesn’t go down the drain or in the toilet. Without being taught, young children might assume the toilet can take the same waste as the garbage bin. Of course, this is a surefire way to clog your pipes and require professional plumbing assistance. Before the big day, make sure your kids know that candy wrappers, unwanted treats, clown noses, wigs, and candy necklaces do not go in the toilet. Can they empty their leftover soda into the toilet? Sure, but not the can!

3. Pumpkin Waste Disposal

Pumpkin waste belongs in the green compost bin, not the toilet

One of the most universal, festive activities during Halloween season is pumpkin carving. Families everywhere pick out their favourite pumpkins from the patch and bring them home to carve. As you know, that means cutting them open and pulling out all the pumpkin guts. When you’re done the activity, where do you put the pumpkin waste? You’d be surprised to know that some people put the waste in the toilet to be flushed. This is an awful idea, as it quickly leads to clogged pipes. Organic waste, like pumpkin innards, belongs in the green compost bin. Better yet, pick out all the pumpkin seeds and roast them for a yummy festive snack.

4. Turn Rules Into Decor

Are you hosting the annual Halloween party this year? Perhaps you’re having a haunted house and inviting all the neighbourhood kids. You can’t guarantee that every person who uses your bathroom that day will know about the rules of flushing. Consider making a festive Halloween sign that says what does not go down the toilet. If your guests are hoping to be scared, make it a super spooky sign. Drape cobwebs around it or paint fake blood dripping off. Mention that among face paint and candy, body parts don’t go down the toilet either!

5. Don’t Mistake Spooky Sounds

Some plumbing sounds are innocent, others signify a problem

It’s midnight. You hear footsteps creaking across the floor upstairs or a steady drip, drip, drip. No, that’s not a ghost pacing or dripping blood. It’s likely an issue with your plumbing.

The typical sounds of Halloween can sound quite similar to everyday plumbing problems. Constant dripping could mean your faucet isn’t secured and needs tightening. The sound of creaking in the walls and floors could mean your pipes are loose or the water pressure is too high. It could also be an issue with the insulation around your pipes not properly regulating the temperature. If you hear these spooky sounds after Halloween ends, call a plumber.

6. Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Fall in Toronto can get pretty cold. In past years, temperatures have dropped below freezing on Hallow’s Eve. With the seasons changing, it’s the perfect time to prevent your pipes from freezing. Some of the most effective tips to prevent freezing include letting the cold water drip from your taps and keeping bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors open. You should also maintain the same temperature on your house’s thermostat during the day and night. It’s important to check the insulation around your pipes. Functional and effective pipe insulation is the best way to prevent freezing.

What if your pipes have already started freezing? Start by turning on the faucet or showerhead. The water won’t flow right away, but as you try the other pipe-warming methods, running water will help. Then, soak a towel in hot water or get a heating pad. Wrap the pad or towel around the pipes to warm them up. You may need to do this to various pipes throughout your home. If the water doesn’t start pouring out of the faucets, call a professional.

7. Learn How to Unclog Your Drain

If at-home unclogging methods don’t work, call a plumber

What happens if your drain does get clogged? Perhaps a clown nose, or two, goes down the toilet. It’s important for homeowners to know some basic clog-removing hacks. The first is using a plunger to force the water towards the blockage. Use a sturdy plunger and make sure it covers the entire toilet hole. If that doesn’t work, try a baking soda and vinegar mixture. Pour one cup of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar down the toilet. Let it sit for half an hour before flushing. This method is good for sink drains that have had face paint washed down them. But, it won’t help get a plastic spider toy out of the toilet. You’ll need a plumber for that.

What if you notice clogs in multiple drains in your home? This could be a sign of main line clog or sewer clog. Unfortunately, no amount of plunging or vinegar will relieve this. Instead, you’ll need a professional plumbing service

8. Call the Professionals

Choose a plumber with years of experience and knowledge

Who you gonna call when your pipes freeze, drains clog, or you hear strange noises coming from the pipes? A reputable plumbing service in Toronto.

There are hundreds of companies to choose from, but not all provide the same level of service. Look for a company that has many years of experience in the city. If they’ve survived Canadian winters, they’re familiar with the problems that occur in our pipes. Find a plumbing service that offers 24/7 service. You never know when a plumbing emergency will arise and you’ll need help. That would certainly be a Halloween plumbing disaster!

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