When it comes to solving plumbing problems around the house, the first resort for many homeowners is handling the problem themselves. Whether it’s confidence in their abilities or a desire to save money, do-it-yourself solutions sound like a simple, easy fix.

However, the truth is that DIY plumbing is often less effective than calling a pro to take care of it for you. Professional plumbers have a wealth of training and expertise, as well as specialized tools, to diagnose an issue and offer some DIY plumbing advice when needed. Not only is it a more effective way to get to the heart of a problem, but it’s also safer for you and easier on the house.

Here’s a short list of reasons why plumbing work is best left to the pros.

Trust the pros to take care

  1. Lack of expertise

The first step to fixing a plumbing problem is diagnosing it, and that’s the first thing a plumber does when faced with an issue. However, most homeowners don’t have this expertise, making it harder to find the source of a problem, much less how to fix it.

In many cases, the cause of a plumbing issue may not be obvious. For example, if the water doesn’t flow, is it because of a clog or are the pipes leaking somewhere? Only professional plumbers have the training and experience to accurately diagnose a problem and start considering solutions. A quick diagnosis is often key to minimizing damage and getting your plumbing back to normal, so always leave it to the pros to assess and handle a problem.

The pros have the training to handle complex

  1. Unfamiliarity with effective solutions

Finding online resources for minor problems is a common approach to many plumbing issues. Thanks to the internet, it’s much easier to find how-to guides for a variety of tasks. Some businesses even offer blog posts and video guides to help you through minor fixes you can do yourself. However, this approach really only works for minor issues.

Many plumbing problems can have more than one cause, and more than one solution. It takes a professional touch to find the most effective way to go about a problem, and it isn’t something you can learn from a simple how-to video. Trust the pros to look at an issue and find a solution that takes care of it for good. Plumbers also understand how the plumbing system works, including which pipes and parts go where. It’s vital that those parts be able to hold up under pressure. It also pays to know how pipes connect together to prevent corrosion and leaking. The pros have the training to assess your system and know which parts would be most suitable for what you need.

Refrain from working with your basic DIY

  1. Missing professional-grade tools and products

One other thing that sets pros apart from the average citizen is having the right equipment. Plumbers come equipped with a wide array of tools to do their jobs, from basin wrenches to tongue-and-groove pliers to plumber’s snakes. Your local hardware store may sell some basic plumbing tools, but a basic DIY plumbing kit generally isn’t as effective as those sold to licensed professionals.

Professional plumbers get their tools and products from professional supply warehouses that only sell to contractors. This equipment is typically of a higher quality than what’s available to the general public. When you call for a plumber, you’re assured that they have the right tools to tackle a problem effectively.

  1. No guarantee of safety

Having the right tools and expertise for a job is one way of ensuring safety while doing your own DIY plumbing projects. Plumbers’ training doesn’t just extend to offering effective solutions and fixing plumbing issues; it also includes doing the work in a manner that keeps themselves and everyone around them safe.

Plumbers often face different hazards, and the job often requires specialized skills like digging and knowledge of how plumbing systems work. Professional technicians receive plumbing safety training regularly to ensure they maintain high safety when doing their jobs. This knowledge not only keeps plumbers and your family safe as they work, but it also minimizes any damage to the surrounding area. When working with pressurized water lines, incorrect repairs run the risk of severe water damage. The pros have the technical expertise to offer some much-needed DIY plumbing tips, minimize any risks and keep your home safe from harm.

  1. Escalation of a problem

Many of the times homeowners elect to fix a problem themselves, it’s because it looks like a minor one. While such issues as small leaks may seem like a simple fix, when you don’t have the right skills and tools, it’s easy to lose control of the situation. That small leak may turn into a larger one, causing major damage and wasting water.

To avoid any unexpected complications, call a plumber to handle your problems, even the seemingly minor ones. The professionals can get the job done the right way, and prevent those small issues from transforming into larger ones.

  1. Lack of warranties

One other reason to trust the pros for a job is for the warranty. As professionals, plumbers guarantee their work to ensure the job’s done well. After a job, licensed plumbers provide homeowners with a warranty for parts and labour. While uncommon, leaks can occur or parts may have been faulty. In that case, you can use the warranty to get the plumber to come back and fix it.

Product warranties also give you an easy way to replace faulty parts and ensure you’re getting new ones that last. Warranties are just one of the ways professional plumbing services can look after your interests. Many elements of a plumbing system are major investments (fixtures and water heaters are good examples). A warranty offers some assurance that if something goes wrong, you don’t incur any additional costs.

Leave the job to the pros

While DIY plumbing in general isn’t a job for laymen, there are some simple DIY plumbing repairs and problems you can tackle on your own. However, for more serious work, give professional plumbing services a call. Keep in mind that routine inspections and maintenance are great ways to catch any irregularities and keep your system healthy. Give your local plumber a call now to make sure you’re always on top of any issues with your home plumbing.

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