5 Plumbing Mysteries Solved By Using Cameras

Plumbing Mysteries Solved with Cameras

Modern camera technology helps professional plumbing companies in Toronto and other areas to diagnose problems with pipes, drains, and waste lines. In the past, it could take an incredible amount of money and time to determine what was wrong with a home’s plumbing system, not including repairs.

With CCTV, professional plumbers like our team at Plumbing Authority, Inc. receive immediate visual confirmation of various piping problems. By identifying issues quickly, we can solve them rapidly. Here are five common piping blockages and flow problems:

1. Waste

Sometimes paper and biological matter settle in pipes that are too small to handle multiple outlets. Cameras can spot the exact location of these blockages and help plumbers determine the best place to begin chemical treatment or actions like “snaking.”

2. Septic Backflow

Pipe cameras locate areas where materials are collecting from a septic tank. These substances can indicate a severe capacity overflow problem within a tank.

3. Cracked Pipes

Cameras show where “dry” or saturated portions of a pipe exist because water flow is escaping from a large pipe crack, or break. Exact spotting of a crack allows crews to dig up only the portion of a pipe needed for repair instead of the entire line.

4. “Lost” Items

Mystery pipe blockages are often caused by foreign objects being flushed or washed down a drain. Cameras can spot the foreign object and help a plumber determine a proper course of unclogging action.

5. Roots

A common problem with pipes is infiltration from roots nearby trees’ roots. Sometimes, this is impossible to identify without digging. Plumbing cameras reveal roots in pipes. This information can help your plumber decide if a line needs to be dug or the simple introduction of septic treatments containing copper is more appropriate.

Our team of licensed plumbers make Plumbing Authority Inc. one of the most efficient and advanced plumbing services available in the Toronto area. A quick call to (647) 992-PIPE (7473) will bring a camera-equipped expert plumber to find the exact source of a problem. Eliminate guesswork, and minimize repair costs with our advanced methods.