Simple Solutions to Unclog Your Toilet


It’s happened to all of us at some point. Hopefully, the scene occurred in the comfort of your own home and not at a friend’s dinner party. Much as you tried to avoid it, the toilet is quickly recreating the final moments from the Titanic movie. You reach for the plunger and hope it works; instead you’re facing high tide on shameful seas.

Next time a toilet clog hits, use one of these quick and efficient ways to save face and save the day.

1) Dish Soap and Hot Water

Much like grease built on plates left “soaking,” fat deposits blocking a toilet’s pipes can be broken down with soap. Add some squirts of dish soap (hand soap will also work if you’re in a bind), and a few cups of hot water to the toilet’s bowl and let the solution sit for a few minutes. After some time has passed you should be able to flush without a problem.

2) Bleach

If you are facing a clog that can’t be solved by soap, bleach is the next best bet. Add a few ounces of your household bleach and wait for the the clog to dissipate. After fifteen minutes have passed, simply flush. 

Pro Tip: Before you try to flush a toilet you suspect may be clogged, remove the cover from the top tank and find the floater. That way, if the clog is still causing the toilet to clog you can activate the floater before a flood occurs.

3) Get Professional Help

There’s no shame in tapping out and calling professional plumbers in the GTA if you’re facing a clog that just won’t go away. Experts like our helpful staff at Plumbing Authority Inc. are heroes who vanquish clogs that may be plaguing you. If you’re facing a plumbing crisis give us a call: (647) 992-7473.