Although your septic system does not usually need constant attention, ignoring regular maintenance can potentially result in sewage backups and other nasty problems. Most household septic systems require inspection at least every three to five years. While many people might think their septic system doesn’t need upkeep, they may be surprised to learn how fragile it is and how certain household products may damage the septic tank.

If you're experiencing issues with your septic system, you may need to have it inspected and fixed by professionals immediately. For septic system repair in Mulmur, Plumbing Authority Inc. for quality plumbing services.

When a septic system fails, untreated wastewater can contaminate groundwater and other nearby water sources. The first signs of a septic system failure include:

  • Slow draining toilet or sink -If a drain takes longer to flush (or won’t flush at all) and using a plunger won’t do the trick, it could mean that the septic tank is full. Ideally, household septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years to prevent instances of sewer backups and unsanitary conditions. Contact Plumbing Authority for septic tank pumping and other septic services.
  • Unpleasant odour in the backyard -A clear sign that tells that a septic tank has a problem is the smell of toxic sulfur or rotten eggs around the tank. It’s indicates that raw sewage has leaked out of pipes and out of the tank. Call us for a much needed septic system repair. We’ll help you contain any septic problems before they cause pollution and health hazards.
  • Lush patches of grass growing in the drain field/area -The presence of greener grass in the tank area indicates that untreated water is leaking through the septic. Wastewater makes up for a great fertilizer, which explains the growth of healthy grass near the tank. Before the green growth expands on your lawn, call for a septic repair service.
  • Pool of water in the yard - The presence of standing water in the near the drain field area could point to an existing septic system problem. Wastewater carries with it disease-causing bacteria, so call in the experts immediately before it contaminates nearby water sources,
If you have any of these signs, contact a reliable plumbing contractor who offers septic repair services. Plumbing Authority Inc. is here to help. Never try to access your septic tank without proper gear and equipment. Serious injury (or even death from drowning or suffocation by dangerous gases) can occur.

Septic repair for Mulmur properties needs professional attention. Specialists are properly trained and experienced to deal with various septic problems. Septic repairs may be complex, but we have the skills and knowledge to resolve problems safely and as quickly as possible.

Plumbing Authority Inc. is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving Ontario for more than two decades. Our company has grown substantially over the years because we believe in professionalism, integrity of service, and competitive pricing. We make an effort to communicate with our clients every step of the process and deliver a high standard of service.

Our expert team of plumbers use advanced technology to examine the cause of septic or plumbing damage and employ top-notch excavation processes to avoid utilities and pipes if digging is necessary. A video camera (CCTV) inspection allows us to accurately locate the issue before giving an estimate for the repair.

If you are looking for a reliable 24/7 septic repair service in Mulmur, call Plumbing Authority Inc. at(647) 992-PIPE (7473) for a free onsite estimate. You can also send us a message through our "contact us" form. Talk to us about your concerns and we’ll answer your questions honestly.