Your septic tank contains everything you flush down the drain, including toilet water, human waste, and cleaning products. These materials mix together in the tank, along with microorganisms living in the waste. This combination can prove dangerous when it leaks, especially if it enters nearby water sources. For a septic repair in Mono, immediately Plumbing Authority Inc. if a septic leak happens on your property.

Contact us when you notice the following signs of septic system failure in your property:

  • Foul odours - Foul odours inside the house can indicate septic backup, while outside the smells can point toward septic leaks or drainage issues. Plumbing Authority specializes in residential septic tank maintenance and repairs.
  • Soggy yard - Water from a septic leak will accumulate in your yard. Nearby soil sags, creating a depression where water from precipitation and sprinklers can collect. Wastewater is a potential health and environment hazard, so this needs to be addressed right away. Repairing a septic system requires the tools and expertise of a professional.
  • Backed up toilets -When the septic system stops processing waste and sewage, it begins to push the untreated waste back to the pipes, resulting in sewage backup. This is a serious problem; the waste water may contain disease-causing bacteria. Before the wastewater overflows into your home, call Plumbing Authority for a septic tank inspection and repair.
  • Lush grass patches Another sign that your septic tank may have problems is the unusual growth of green grass around the tank area. Leaking sewage may cause grass in the surrounding area to become overly “fertilized,” creating a patch of grass that looks more green and lush than anywhere else.
Septic repair for Mono residents should always be performed by a professional; DIY work can cause further damage to your septic system and compound the problem. Waste in the septic tank also contains germs, increasing risk of infection. The professional plumbers at Plumbing Authority Inc. have the training, tools, and experience to deal with the problem safely and efficiently.

Septic backup can be dangerous; backed up water may leach into your water supply, potentially contaminating potable water. Our septic system repairs may include installing back-water valves to prevent backflow. We also provide accurate pipe-locating to identify compromised pipes to start work decisively. To find leaks, we offer CCTV (closed circuit television cameras) inspection to find out exactly where the leaks are, and hopefully solve the problem before any contamination occurs.

Leaks also pose a threat to nearby groundwater sources. Contaminated water can affect your children, pets, and your neighbours. Avoid potential health problems by calling for immediate septic tank repair.

Plumbing Authority provides other plumbing services including septic tank installation and repair (for residential and commercial properties), pipe thawing, and vacuum pumping services. With over 20 years of experience, we bring quality septic repair to Mono and surrounding areas. In case of any plumbing problems, don’t hesitate to contact us at (647) 992-PIPE.