Septic tanks are generally used when a home or commercial property can’t reach a sewer line. A septic tank should last about 25 years when it’s properly maintained. However, systems fail when they don’t receive the proper care. Repairing a defective septic system requires the skilled hands of a professional plumber, Should this happen to you, and you need septic repair in King City, call Plumbing Authority Inc. for assistance.

The tank itself isn’t truly a sewage treatment system. The waste inside settles to enable both liquids and solids to separate. Liquid waste flows into a filtration system to prevent it from polluting the environment. If the tank is cared for, the solids are occasionally removed to prevent blockage and other issues.

Call Plumbing Authority when you experience these common septic tank problems:

  • Tree Roots - To look for moisture, tree roots tend to grow around or drill through any source of moisture that’s in their way. The growth of tree roots can affect your septic system and keep it from working efficiently. Contact us for septic tank services to prevent the occurrence of messy leaks.
  • Tank and Line Leaks - If you notice some puddles or sewage somewhere on your lawn, chances are your septic tank has a leak or your lines are receiving excessive wastewater that it’s already pouring out into your yard. Raw sewage is dangerous to the environment and can cause health hazards. A septic tank inspection and repair in King City can help you contain the problem before it gets worse.
  • Clogs and Blockages - When you encounter this problem, it may help to recall the last time you had your septic tank was pumped out. Septic tanks fill with solid waste over time, and once they’re full, you may experience slow drainage in your sinks and tubs, or sewage backups in your toilet. To avoid these difficulties, rely on an expert, licensed plumbing team to check your septic tank, and remove the “sludge” every three years or so. If your home or property doesn’t have a garbage disposal (garburator), you may need the system cleaned every year.

    Should the baffles of your tank rot, scum can create problems. The system becomes unbalanced when solids build up as a result of neglect. Regular cleaning and pumping is necessary to prevent the need for septic repair. However, King City clients can rely on us should the worst happen. Contact us when you need an emergency septic repair, we will answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If your septic tank has accumulated waste, garbage, grease, or biosolids, it’s time for the experts to inspect the system and flush it out. If you’re experiencing septic tank failure or think your septic system is broken, allow the Plumbing Authority team to determine if any equipment is failing, and hopefully avoid the need for complete replacement.

Unfortunately, quite a few system owners think that if they’re not experiencing problems with the tank, it doesn’t need to be pumped. This can be a costly mistake.

When sludge accumulates for longer than 3-5 years, the sewage doesn’t have ample time to settle before leaving the tank. As that sludge level increases, more of the solid waste makes its way into the soil absorption system (SAS). It then becomes clogged and unable to absorb liquid, causing a backup, with wastewater making its way to the surface, creating unsanitary conditions.

For septic tank services and repair in King City, count on Plumbing Authority Inc. We’re merely a phone call away: (647) 992-PIPE (7473).