The septic tank is a vital component of the plumbing system. When proper maintenance is observed, the tank should last longer than two decades. Buried and hidden from sight, it is easy to forget about your septic system. However, neglect and lack of necessary upkeep can lead to system failure. If you're experiencing problems with your septic system, you may need to have it fixed immediately. For septic repair in Caledon, call Plumbing Authority Inc. for quality plumbing services.

The longer homeowners postpone handling septic issues, the worse they become. Making the mistake of ignoring problems can lead to extensive repairs and replacement. Keep an eye out for certain indicators, like drainage issues or water backup.

You can also tell if your septic tank may be failing if:

  • It takes a while for water to completely go down bathroom or kitchen drains - If a drain is slow to flush (or won’t flush at all) even after using a plunger, it could mean that the septic tank is full and requires a pump-out. To get to the bottom of the problem, call the professionals for a septic tank inspection and to address the issue immediately.
  • You notice bad odours coming out of the drains - It doesn’t require too much guesswork to detect problems with the septic tank; a keen sense of smell can help to tell that something is wrong. If you can catch a whiff of toxic sulfur or rotten eggs near your septic tank it’s a possible indication that raw sewage has leaked out of the tank. Before it causes environmental hazards, have your septic tank repaired by professionals.
  • Your pipes make a gurgling sound when you turn the faucet on or flush the toilet - Do you hear a gurgling sound when you do simple faucet and toilet operations? It may be a sign that your tank is full or has other issues that need fixing. Call Plumbing Authority for a wide range of plumbing and septic services in Caledon.
  • Water begins to collect on the areas surrounding the septic tank, toilets, sinks, or appliances like the washing machine and dishwasher -Puddles of standing water in the yard, especially near the drain field area is a strong indication of a septic system problem. It means that untreated wastewater has escaped your sewer line and into the pipes. Smelly wastewater carries with it disease-causing bacteria, so call in the experts as soon as you notice the first sign of puddles near your septic tank.
  • Sewage starts to leak through the drains and toilet -If water is already backing up, it’s high time you call for help. Contact Plumbing Authority for plumbing services and septic system repairs for your Caledon property before the sewage overflows into your house.
Flushing non-biodegradable objects, inefficient use of water, and excess use of detergent and harsh chemicals can lead to blockages and septic system damage. To prevent these issues from arising and to optimize system efficiency, have your septic tank pumped regularly (every two to four years). Prevention is better than cure; but should the worst happen, our expert plumbers of Plumbing Authority Inc. will provide assistance. Call us as soon as you suspect your system may be failing. We will identify the problem and provide the necessary fixes.

A failed septic system can harm both your indoor space and introduce pollutants to the environment. Avoid the risks of system failure, the inconvenience of backed up sewage, major cleanups, and expensive replacement; call the professionals.

If you are experiencing even small issues with your septic system, call us immediately at Plumbing Authority Inc. With over 20 years of experience in plumbing and septic repair for Caledon and Ontario properties and 24/7 emergency plumbing services, we can provide quick and efficient repair for plumbing and septic systems. You can fill in thisform or contact us at: (647) 992-PIPE (7473).